Diet Frustrations

A journey for me, feeling that I have tried everything!

Pre-Employment Inquiries and Height & Weight

This is what is said on the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website ( Where the hospitals may be getting away with the discrimination so far is the statement of … Continue reading

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Can a Hospital Say, ‘Only Thin Doctors Can Work Here’?

The below article only confirms my theory that I am being discriminated against in the hiring process here in Texas.  While I am not applying to work at a medical facility, … Continue reading

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Blood Work Done

Went to the laboratories to get the blood work done as requested by the endocrinologist, and requested the results to also be sent into the Step Up doctor’s office so … Continue reading

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Shopping After the Progress Check-in Appointment

One thing my boyfriend and I are learning throughout the past few months is how to REALLY read the labels on the foods.  It’s not enough any more to see … Continue reading

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Progress :)

Well, it’s a little more than 2 weeks since I last saw my doctor assisting me in losing weight because she left for a conference in Canada for a period … Continue reading

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We got some bikes!!!

This is my guilty pleasure. I have been unemployed since January of this year.  Like I may have mentioned before, I have ridden a bicycle for the first 20-30 years … Continue reading

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Just Call Me “Roo”???

Part of the discouraging thing about losing weight is the sagging skin that is left behind when the fat/water weight disappears. When I was pregnant with my, now almost 25 … Continue reading

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My Top 7 New Food Finds You Gotta Try: Eat Like Me: Eat Like Me:

We were just talking about Monk Fruit in the previous posting; however, this is aiming to be a new part of my grocery hunting list. �Some of these listed, such … Continue reading

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Monk Fruit – All-natural sweetness without all the calories

This site tells us that the Monk fruit are natural sweeteners without all the calories, as well as having other healthy benefits.  I’m going to ask around and see if … Continue reading

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Inflammation From Lactose and Irritation from Oats???

Interesting… on FB, a friend mentioned: “So, *S* has been a little less motivated to do stuff the last 2 weeks. He was able to tell me his legs were … Continue reading

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No Fat Cats Here!

Between he and I, our New Year’s Resolution was made, on New Year’s Eve that neither he nor me will be considered two fat cats in the shade. Between he … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday…and I should be going to Church today, but….

I just can’t. Last night before going to bed, I was looking all around me.  Things were coming up all around me and I can’t stand it. Growing up, I … Continue reading

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No Bursting My Bubble!! :P

I think I’m adopting this as my motto as I am continuing my journey on this for-ever diet wherein it is already a fight to get down the hill (losing … Continue reading

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WhoNu?™ Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

Every time we look at nutritional labels, we always learn SOMEthing. * A little high in sugar, but expected because it is a cookie, ideally for snacks or desserts. * … Continue reading

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Lost 3 pounds!

Since my last appointment 2-1/2 weeks ago, I dropped from 354 pounds to 351 pounds. Some of the things that made a difference: 1.  Besides looking at calories, this last … Continue reading

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No doctor appointment today…but the sun came out!! :)) Hip, hip, hooray!!!

It feels funny today to not have gone to my normal every other Wednesday appointment but that appointment was taken for this week. I’ll be going to them, instead, this … Continue reading

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Swimsuit In 20 Days: Healthy Breakfast Options – The Revolution –

We’re onto Week 3 of our quest to get you swimsuit-ready in time for summer! If you haven’t gotten started already, you can CLICK HERE and start from the beginning. … Continue reading

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Protein: How Much Should You Eat to Lose Weight?

Should I Take a Protein Supplement? The short answer is: probably not. Most people consume too much of the nutrient already, so adding more in the form of a supplement … Continue reading

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Kelly Osbourne – You are one of my heroes! :)

On pages 76-78 of the May 2012 issue of the Glamour magazine, Kelly Osbourne brings up the #10 of the “Top 10 Glamour Do’s & Don’ts”.  She mentions that so … Continue reading

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Primary HyperThyroid

Today, I am starting this journal/blog because, after some 20/25 yrs of trying to lose weight (after going from 150 lbs to 270 lbs when I became pregnant with my … Continue reading

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50 pound weight loss

The Big DayAugust 14th, 2012
Hopefully, within the next 3 months (or before then), I will accomplish my 50 pound weight loss mark. I'm well on my way; but, because of the thyroid issues and other challenges, it is slowing me down a bit.