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A journey for me, feeling that I have tried everything!

Progress :)

Well, it’s a little more than 2 weeks since I last saw my doctor assisting me in losing weight because she left for a conference in Canada for a period of time.  I only lost 1 pound during that time. :((  I was disappointed that it wasn’t more and finally put me in the 340’s range, but teetering exactly on the fence at 350 is not something to scuff about either; after all, in December, my greatest weight was 386.  That means that I have now lost 36 pounds since then…. and, it’s barely June.

We discussed some things to mention to the Endocrinologist when I see him next week about my Hyper Para-thyroid.  She mentioned that the para portion of the thyroid isn’t as critical of an element in the thyroid system and since it is over producing the calcium levels, she thinks that it might just be a simple surgical procedure that will allow me to get back on track to losing more weight.  That would be wonderful!

Also, I’m doing okayyyy on the Spironlactone for the water pill portion, but I am at 100mg (which is the maximum dosage that is recommended) with the blood pressure today at 130/86.   Better than it was with the 50mg dosage, but not as low as with the Lisonpril/HTCZ combination pill that I was taking prior the high calcium indicators.  Too bad, I can’t just continue that one, since it was so effective; but, I certainly don’t need over production of the calcium.

The phentermine is starting to really mess with my insomnia aspects so she recommended that, if I didn’t get to take it early in the morning to only take 1/2 of the tablet so that my sleep isn’t affected.  My boyfriend has sleep apnea, which every time he awakes me by snoring or snorting or holding his breath, I awake and my REM is out of sync as I try to get back to sleep again.  He’s had to go to the sleep center twice (starting in March) and finally had a review with a sleep doctor specialist who finally ordered the CPAP machine for him this week.   Hopefully, that will be here this week for certain…. and we will be able to get into normalized sleep patterns.  I’m definitely looking forward to that.

However, insofar as the phentermine, the doctor is also talking about adding on another medication, called Topomax.  The problem is that one of the side effects of Topomax is the thinning of the bones.  Because I have had osteopenia before, it may not be a road we would like to travel upon again; however, because I’m not seeing any signs of osteopenia or osteoporosis now (with the latest bone density test done), it might be something that would be safe for me to try.  However, we would like to proceed cautiously since the bone density may be a false read since I’m overproducing the calcium right now — and, I could potentially return to the state of osteopenia once they are able to correct the overproduction of the calcium.  Geeezzzz…. I’m glad we depend on the doctors to make all the analysis that they would like to make to make the best possible decisions based on your present needs.

My boyfriend, who went to my appointment with me, pointed out that it has taken a long time for the analysis of things.  I told him, in front of the doctor, that I am glad he’s doing that.  The endocrinologist is just doing his job because not all doctors are experts on endocrinology and the effects of all the thyroid glands, etc., although Keri is much more versed on the endocrinology aspects than your average doctor because of her focus on weight loss and the Step Up Program.   She also stated, too, though that the endocrinologist is trying to determine whether it is primary or secondary hyper parathyroid with certainty; however, she believed that surgery would likely be the final recommendation, as well as a scanning prior to the surgery.  We’ll see.  I have to go to the pathology labs to have some blood work done this week before going into the appointment with the endocrinologist next week.

In the meantime, and aside from the aforementions, I’m to continue getting some exercise on a daily basis.  She mentioned that she’d like to see me in two weeks — especially, after seeing the endocrinologist next week, and hopefully we”ll be able to progress to appointments only once a month.  Now, that IS progress!! ;)))

Before we ended our appointment, I asked her about the “roo” pouch that I have on me that I can, quite literally, roll up on my stomach mentioned that a Physician’s Assistant that works directly under my regular doctor in the same office area mentioned a plastic surgeon that she’s recommend trying, but I forgot the name.  She agreed that it is empty space and would result in some additional weight loss and would try tracking down that information for me to follow up with.  I told her that I swore it weighed 50 pounds, and with it gone, I would probably in the 200-300 pound range, which would facilitate my being able to do the exercises etc without this horrible appendage being in the way.  We’ll see.  I didn’t get the recommendation doctor’s name today, but I’ll follow up with them tomorrow so that, perhaps, I can get an appointment with that doctor as well.

While I am unemployed still, I might as well as get all the possible surgeries out of the way because, once I am re-employed, I just might not be able to get the time off to take care of these things like I can tend to now.   Take advantage of the time off to get things done and reinvented about myself so that I can truly be an asset in my new future roles in employment.


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